Colored Contacts Brands

Korea Contact Lens Brand

GEO Medical is the top circle lenses manufacturer in Asia nowadays. They are based in South Korea and the only brand that has authenticity checking system by providing Anti-Fake sticker to ensure that the lenses are produced by GEO Medical itself. Certified by ISO 13485 , KGMP and KFDA. Awarded KOTRA Seal of Excellence on 2010.
Popular colored contacts from Geo Medical :
EOS is one of the well known contact lenses manufacturer based in South Korea. They supply huge quantities of lenses yearly to retailers and allow them to rebrand under other label. Certain models of Candy Magic series are produced by EOS. Certified by ISO 13485 and KGMP.
Popular colored contacts from EOS :
Same as EOS manufacturer, DUEBA is a well-known contact lenses manufacturer in South Korea. They produce and supply to retailers for rebranding as well. Lenses produced by Dueba are normally labelled under other names. FDA approved pigment and KFDA-based production guarantee eye health and safety.
Popular colored contacts from Dueba :
A contact lenses manufacturer brand based in South Korea and specialized manufacturing cosmetic lenses like others. They produce and supply for rebranding like EOS and Dueba. Some customers commented that it is as comfortable as GEO Medical. ISO 13485 , CE and KGMP certifications. Some of the well known circle lenses brand such as i.Fairy and Kimchi are produced by Vassen factory.
Urban Layer 
Urban Layer is a designer brand established in 2008 that developers and produces fashion color contact lenses. This brand comes from South Korea and carry color lenses, crazy / fancy lenses and sclera lenses with 17mm and 22mm diameter. 
Popular colored contacts from Urban Layer:
Neo Vision (known as Neo Cosmo)
Neo Vision is one of the long established contact lenses manufacturer in South Korea. Their products are supplied to worldwide and popular among Asian countries including China. Neo Vision produces wide range of contact lenses including clear lenses, daily/weekly/biweekly disposable contacts and solution. NEO Cosmo contacts are manufactured under sandwich engineering method, to infiltrate the cosmetic color between the inside and outside layer of the contact lenses, which makes comfortable feeling and prevent decolorisation of the lenses. 
Popular colored contacts from Neo Vision :
ICK Contact Lens is a contact lenses manufacturer based in South Korea. ICK has registered a patent for manufacturing contact lenses with UV protection and antibacterial function, and develops and produces color contact lenses that satisfy both clear vision and beautiful eyes at the same time. ICK is one of the manufacturer leader in providing OEM service therefore their products are designed for both Asian and Western market. 
Popular colored contacts from ICK :

Other Brands

An OEM cosmetic contact lenses brand in market for about 10 years, this brand products are manufactured by few well known contact lenses producers in  South Korea – ICK and Vassen. iFairy contact lenses is famous with their vibrant and colourful lenses design, the colored contacts design are outstanding and suitable for outings and cosplaying.
Popular colored contacts from i.Fairy :
Sweety soft contact lenses make your eyes luscious. Their manufacturer in South Korea enjoys KFDA, CE & ISO certifications. Sweety colored lenses boast several different series to fit to your fashion and casual needs. Sweety Con has been producing many similar design colored contacts that have been popular in market in the past. Meanwhile, this brand is especially popular among cosplayers these recent years because of their crazy and anime contacts.
Popular colored contacts from Sweety Con:
ColourVue main market is in Europe, UK and Malaysia. They own the patent of Hydrogel technology which claim to offers exceptional comfort and hydration. Unlike the brands above which carry one year disposable lenses, ColourVue lenses are mainly quarterly (3 months) disposable. They also carry a lot of Crazy lens , or called as Party Lens. Certified by ISO 9001 and European approved.
* Informations above are found from the companies introduction sheets, we do not held responsibility if there is any incorrect information.
Popular colored contacts from ColourVue :
Sincere Vision 
Sincere Vision is one of the top three brands for contact lenses in Japan incorporated in 2008. They carry different type of disposable contacts from daily, monthly, biweekly and quarterly contact lenses. Sincere Vision contacts are mostly designed for Asian eyes and their daily contacts are well known with natural looking and comfortable with keeping the eye moist.
Popular colored contacts from Sincere Vision:
Kazzue is a color fashion lenses born in Malaysia and produced in South Korea certified by KFDA. Their colored contacts have enlarging effects with high water content. Kazzue contact lenses are certified by European CE (Conformite Europeenne), ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and GMP (Korea Good Manufacturing Practice). They are one of the contact lenses brand that carry wide range of Crazy contacts and toric lens. 
Popular colored contacts from Kazzue :
Fynale is an OEM cosmetic contacts born in Malaysia yet manufactured in South Korea. Fynale colored contacts are mostly fashionable and suitable for outings and events. Same as other brands from South Korea, Fynale contact lenses are all 1 year disposable and come in vial bottle.
Popular colored lenses from Fynale :
Blincon® is gaining acceptance and recognition among consumers, national and international accreditation bodies for the natural looking colored lens for Asian eyes. Their products, processes and systems are complying with national and international standards and regulations, through certifications. The certifications include ISO 13485: 2003, Malaysia Medical Device Authority, Singapore Health Sciences Authority and Canada Health Authority among others.
Popular colored lenses from Blincon :