Lens Info:
Water Content: 55%
Base Curve: 8.6
Diameter: 16.2mm
Duration: 1 year disposable

Price: $21.50
Link: https://www.lensvillage.com/product/ifairy-kirei-blue-lens

Color & Design
First off, it isn’t quite green – more teal if anything. But the color is just amazing! The center consists of a yellow burst and the edge has a thick but not completely solid black ring.
I did say huge and 16.2mm is enough for you to know that! If you look at the photos above, you can see the enlargement through the lenses when worn. Crazy!
Very comfortable and I do not get as much dryness with I. Fairy lenses in general. However, as these are very big I do feel them, not in an uncomfortable way though.
They are very pretty and give a jewel-like effect because of the halo. The color is absolutely gorgeous and not many lenses have this color.

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