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Hello! Today i’m going to be reviewing the famous Geo Tri Colour/World Brown circle lenses. They are lenses worn by many famous japanese models such as my favourite Suzuki twins Ami&Aya. So let’s start!

B.C.:8.6 mm
Life Span:1 year
Power Available:0.00-8.00

Colour and Desing:4/5
I love the colour!In the photo they lenses look kinda green but in natural light they have this hazel light brown colour with a hint of green.Their design is more opaque than pixelated and i like it as well. 🙂

They are very comfortable!If you want to wear them staright to 8 hours though you are definitely going to need some eyedrops.You also don’t feel them in your eyes at all!At least for the first 2-3 hours!

They are not the most enlarging circle lenses.Their diameter is 14 mm and they don’t have a black limbal ring so they are on the more natural side which I LOVE!My eyes are also naturally very big(so i can’t really tell) which is not the case for everyone but still these are not the most appropriate lenses if you want them to enlarge your eyes.If you don’t go for the dolly/ulljang type though these are perfect for you!

Overall:I really like these lenses.Their colour is amazing,they look very natural and they are comfortable as well.Their enlargement isn’t very big yet they are perfect if you are looking for natural circle lenses. ^__^

*Service:As my first time reviewing circle lenses from LensVillage i should talk about their service as well.
The shipping was super fast(only one week),the communication with the LensVillage team was awesome,the packaging was cute and very well taken care off.Basically there’s no negative i could point out LensVillage’s service is excellent. =)

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