The K-Pop industry has undeniably swept the world off its feet with their selection of music, K-drama, matchless choreography, and good-looking Oppa & idols. With their skyrocketing fame and popularity around the world, they paved the way for other trends to soar—from the latest in designer and streetwear labels, to megawatt hair colors, to the coolest makeup looks. Now, to the latest trend in 2021 we all can’t wait to try—Korean contact lenses.

As you can see, Koreans have a strong love for doll eyes, and our K-Pop idols and actors are no exception. They are famous for experimenting on different eye  colors which they use for music videos, photo shoots, shows, K-Dramas, or even on the frdaily. Soon enough, Korean celebrities’ contact lenses have become popular to spice up a natural look or to create a bold look. 

Here’s to the top 10 K-POP idols and their contact lenses : 

1. Lisa of Blackpink

Our Blackpink maknae possesses us starstruck by her naturally big gorgeous eyes. She’s got a knack for trying out different korean contact lenses— from grey, blue, brown, and green to many others. We wouldn’t disagree that she looks amazing with any color, but her brown eyes are what we love most. Her brown eyes are a natural look which we are all in love with, and if you’re having a pair of brown eyes, go follow her sort of matching to get your favorite Korean eye contacts.

Here’s the best matched (suggestion only):

2. Jennie of Blackpink

Jennie’s natural brown doll-like eyes are definitely one among her make-up’s highlights to set up a strong impression on camera. She tries to play with different Korean colored contacts, and that we can all see the magic happen together with her stunning look. We are sure this can be what most are asking for! Her recent comeback photo has caught people’s attention talking about her striking grey peepers. Her beautiful eyes make an excellent canvas for a shocking tone of grey that looks pretty on her.

Here’s the best matched (suggestion only):

3. MinGyu of Seventeen

With Min Gyu’s boy-next-door looks, it’s no wonder why he’s Seventeen’s visual. He continues to captivate us together with his narrow ebony eyes, creating a full effect that pulls attention. Min Gyu’s peepers are full proof that one could never go wrong with black Korean contact lenses.

Here’s the best matched (suggestion only):

4. Jungkook of BTS

Our Golden Maknae is understood for this nickname for a reason. Not only is he superbly talented, he’s gifted with dashing looks that instantly capture our hearts. Jungkook’s semi-round eyes are already inviting on their own, yet when he pops in his azure Korean contact lenses, his innocent eyes transform into a slick and sultry look.

Here’s the best matched (suggestion only):

5. Jimin of BTS

Army or non-army, we sure have eyes for Jimin. We all know that his contagious eye smile is just as breathtaking as his bewitching eyes. He’s no stranger to the kpop idol contact lenses’ trend as seen in his love for various contacts. We especially love his intense blue eyes as we are all keen for an immediate buy over a blue coloured Korean eyes contacts.

Here’s the best matched (suggestion only):

6. Yerin of GFriend

As GFriend’s visual, Yerin is certainly one of the famous Kpop star with her angelic face and undeniable talent in singing and dancing, she has made her way together of being K-Pop’s sweethearts. While we can’t help but bop our heads to her band’s tunes, we also couldn’t hold ourselves back from staring into her black doe eyes in awe.

Here’s the best matched (suggestion only):

7. Taemin of SHINee

We have all witnessed Taemin’s career journey through the years and if there’s something that goes unnoticeably better and better besides his fame is his refined look. His grey eyes from a teasing dimension makes him a more charming look. you ought to definitely try out grey coloured korean contact lenses if you are attempting to impress others like Taemin.

Here’s the best matched (suggestion only):

8. Sehun of EXO

Sehun is EXO’s beloved maknae and principal dancer. Sehun is one among the foremost acclaimed talented and good-looking men in the K-pop industry. His recent MV make-up look has caught a great attention from his fans as he fits well together with his subtle deep grey korean coloured contacts that make his eyes speak to us when he looks into the camera. His pair of speaking eyes have made us all fangirling over him.

Here’s the best matched (suggestion only):

9. Baekhyun of EXO

Aside from EXO’s Baekhyun’s admirable talent, we continue to be enthralled by his handsome puppy eyes look. His iconic burgundy eyeshadow and eyeliner are just as beautiful as the eyes they accentuate. Baekhyun is using blue colour korean circle lenses to create a dreamy look we couldn’t resist.

Here’s the best matched (suggestion only):

10. Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation

While we knew Taeyeon for her soulful vocals, she has also got people talking about her stunning looks & trendy fashion that are heavily attributed to her doll eyes. She is known for her perfect eyes, even together with her trying out different colors from time to time. Among all the opposite colours, there’s one color that appears to stand out the foremost are her frozen grey eyes. the sunshine grey tones further accentuate her big, captivating eyes while maintaining a natural look.

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